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See the big picture - Computational analysis of Digital Gene Expression data

Rapid distribution of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology in transcriptome profiling studies allows us to interrogate system-wide RNA expression patterns at sensitivities that were unprecedented before. High-throughput analysis of transcriptome profiles has become a standard tool in basic and clinical research, and in biotechnology related R&D projects.

Amongst others this concept has been applied in disease marker identification efforts where the ultimate goal is to gain information used for tailoring the potential therapies, but has also been applied in monitoring the metabolic state of potential bio-fuel producing microorganisms.

DGE - Digital Gene Expression (or DeepSAGE) is a novel a fully quantitative gene-expression profiling, approach, utilizing SAGE(Serial Analysis of Gene Expression) method together with NGS sequencers like Genome Analyzer (lllumina) or SOLiD (Life Technologies). This new technology shortly became a very serious rival of microarrays in transcriptomics area as it offers distinct advantages, including better coverage, the ability to measure low-abundance genes and to find unknown transcripts.

The challenge - easily interpretable biologically relevant information

Similarly to the other high throughput technologies the major bottleneck of DGE studies is the extraction of the easily interpretable biologically relevant information from the huge amount of data accumulated even by a single experiment. For this, the raw sequencing output must be further processed and additional biological information from external biological databases has to be associated with the experimental results.

Our background

ZenonBio Ltd. as a member of a large scale EU6 research consortium investigated the transcriptome landscape of Zebrafish in different pathological conditions acquired substantial expertise in the storage, processing and statistical analysis of data from DGE experiments having millions of sequenced nucleo-tide fragments.

ZenonBio Ltd. has developed a set of bioinformatics tools and several bioinformatics data processing pipelines that appropriate to reveal the key points of gene expression events leads to the investigated biological phenotype.

Basic Package

In our Basic package the output of the bioinformatics analysis is provided in a tabular form (xls or csv) or as a text file.

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If you are interested in a more exhaustive bioinformatics analysis of your DeepSAGE experiment including additional selective tag filtering steps, mapping tags to reference genome, mapping tags to transcripts in antisense orientation or comparing DeepSAGE experiment to your previous microarray investigations please contact us for a detailed offer.

Not finding what you need?

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