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About Zenon Bio

ZENON Bio Ltd is a privately owned, end-user oriented, Hungarian distribution company focusing on life science research. With 30 years of experience Zenon Bio provides cutting edge solutions for life science research organizations.

Company history

Zenon Biotechnology Limited was founded in 1990, officially registered in 1991. The company was established by represenatives of the Hungarian scientific community. For several years the company operated as a Hungarian-Swiss joint venture company, starting from 2008 it is entirely privately held by Hungarian individuals. Our staff consists of full time experts in biological research work and R&D.

Company mission

Our aim is to provide scientific, clinical and related communities with complete services. From the first days of the company we establish relationships with renowned manufacturers which are respected by the scientific community world-wide. To keep this trend we cooperate with companies that are stable and do their business on a high level.

Products and services

Our current portfolio consists of high quality, reliable products. We believe scientific research by its own nature bears many uncertainities, one of our missions is to minimize variables in research by offering products of unquestionable quality. Our end users range from universities and research institutes to biotech and pharmaceutical companies, many of those have been using our products for decades with great satisfaction.

Our most demanded products are kept on stock continually granting a quick service to our customers.